Major Ground Express Corp

Jeff came to me looking for a logo and business card design for his ground transportation company. His previous business cards had a lot of information on them, and there was no established logo for his company. Although his main client is FedEx, he felt he still needed a brand for his business, which I was so excited to do. My thought process behind it was wanting to make sure his logo translated his business as being safe, quick, and very customer oriented.

Of course being a ground transportation company, I knew that moving forward was a huge piece that I needed to incorporate. I also had thought about FedEx’s logo, and the hidden arrow. I didn’t want his logo to have an obvious arrow, but something that was strong and showed movement. After trying two different styles, Jeff decided on a geometric look for his business. I am so happy with how this turned out. I have also included some of the previous designs I had sent over from the first round.


Major Ground Express Corp Logo
Primary logo for Major Ground Express Corp.


Here are those that did not make it to the final round:

Round 1 of logo comps Round 1 of logo comps Round 1 of logo comps


Major Ground Business Cards