Elisabeth Anne Photography

Liz, a local photographer, came to me looking to update her logo. Her previous logo was a font that looked like it was hand written, a huge trend in design currently. She wanted something that was going to be more timeless, something that would not look dated in the next 5 years. Together, we dreamed up this logo. Knowing the primary logo was very blocky, I also created a secondary horizontal logo, along with a watermark for her images. She also wanted to pick colors that would correlate with her photography style. We ended up with an olive green and dusty rose. To visit Liz’s website, click here.

 Primary Logo

Horizontal Secondary Logo


Edit | June 26, 2017

Liz came back to me asking for web images that would be clickable links to her contact page, blog, as well as senior and family session and investment pages. When designing her logo, we planned on using the triangles in a pattern. This is where the pattern came into play.